The Shadow Electric: Abbotsford Convent

We have been living in Melbourne for almost 3 years, and really feel at home here now. I have moments were I tend to forget or more like, take for granted how special this city is. Its nights like Friday that come along to remind me why we moved here.

Earlier in the week I had read about The Shadow Electric – an open-air cinema located in the historic grounds at the Abbotsford Convent. As I’ve discovered before in Melbourne, tickets sell out fast, so I quickly grabbed tickets online.

The Cinema is secretly tucked away in the convent in a large but cosy outdoor courtyard, the cinema bar also provides a super cool space inside that is equipped with food, a wide open space to mingle and to play a bit of pre-movie table tennis.

The Shadow ElectricThe Shadow Electric IMG_0641

As we arrived early, we conveniently discovered that Friday seems to be a good night to go to The Shadow Electric as Abbotsford puts on the Supper Market at the same time. We had yum dinner and then took a walk around the huge stunning gardens with an icecream before the movie started.

IMG_0550 IMG_0524


We saw ‘Shut Up and Play the Hits’ – a 2012 documentary that follows LCD Soundsytems frontman James Murphy over a 48 hour period, from the day of the band’s final gig to the morning after the show. A popular indie band that decided to quit at the peak of their popularity, finished with a sold out four hour show that moved thousands of fans to joy and grief. I love their music, and was also saddened to hear the news in 2011, but the movie put a smile on my face as it seemed to make sense to do what they did. Leave on a high.

And we certainly felt the same leaving The Shadow Electric

IMG_0573_0565 IMG_0570The Shadow Electric



The Shadow Electric runs until the 31st March 2013.

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  1. Wow; so cool!!
    We have snow over here at the moment so the idea of an outdoor cinema sounds a little crazy but oh so appealing at the same time! :-) Same thing for the ice cream.
    Is that a green tea ice cream by the way? it looks absolutely delicious!!

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