This + That

A black and white themed ‘This + That’ for today!

1  |  This lovely detailed lines and circles illustration project by Claire Heffer 
2  |  Fun packaging from this honey club
3  |  This student project for the New York Museum of Glass by Leo Porto
4  |  Beautiful free desktop wallpapers over at this blog
5  |  Work from Gertrud Preiswerk textiles sample books especially this pattern
6  |  Learning alot with this awesome skillshare class with the talented Jessica Hische
7¬† | ¬†Clever design for this ‘animated’ wine bottle sleeve by Thought Assembly.

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Inspired by: Erik Marinovich

Do Not Open by Erik Marinovich

Lately I’ve been thinking about starting my own hand lettering project, so it was lovely to see someone I admire inspired to starting his own this year.

Do Not Open is a personal project by letterer and designer Erik Marinovich. Over the years Erik responded to gifts he received in the mail by returning a hand lettered reply in the shape of an oversized hand addressed envelope. Some of his friends appreciated them so much, they hung the tattered envelopes on their walls, inspiring Erik to start this project.

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Inspired by: ATWTP

ATWTP, also know as All the way to Paris, is a ‘danish-swedish’ graphic design studio based in Copenhagen. Each of their many projects is recognisable as an ATWTP design, yet retains unique elements that sets each project apart. I’m especially a big fan of the work they created for Muuto and Circus Hein. See more of their work here and here.

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