Lindt Mint Ice Cream Cones


For a simple after dinner treat – especially in summer – I like to make my own cornetto/drumstick style ice cream. I melt a few squares of Lindt’s ‘Mint Intense’ dark chocolate and spread it inside a waffle cone, then set the chocolate lined cone in the freezer for a few minutes. Another option is to use plain dark chocolate and crush up some sweetened nuts to sprinkle inside the cone. Ah summer!

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Time Out

hOk, so I must confess, I haven’t been the best blogger of late. I have a thousands excuses and (probably) valid reasons why I haven’t been around here much of late, but let’s just start fresh on the first day of 2013 shall we?

We just came back from a blissful, yet utterly scorching week in Perth over the Christmas week. I can’t say it enough how much I miss the beaches of my hometown.

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Lauren Gentry


Lauren Gentry’s colourful illustrations reminded me of summer today (which isn’t too far away – so to hang in there!). Anyone else feel like sitting on a beach with some ice cream today? I certainly do.

Download Lauren’s illustrations and other iphone wallpapers from Poolga (Art for iPhone and iPad)

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