Streets of San Francisco

After a long drive from Big Sur, our next stop on our 2015 US holiday was vibrant San Francisco.

Arriving at our AirBnB late on a busy Friday afternoon, The Castro District was buzzing. Commonly known as The Castro, it’s one of the first gay neighbourhoods in the United States and full of personality, great food and a welcoming neighbourhood. It’s also really well positioned for exploring, with the Mission District walking distance away and a main tramline ready to take you directly into the CBD in about 15 minutes.

After our last city jaunt in LA, San Francisco was a welcome change in pace and size. As long as you don’t mind the odd gravity defying hill, San Fransisco is a very walkable city. Its neatly packed streets are filled with colourful homes to uncover, each with their own personality.  We quickly felt at home in San Francisco.

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Lately on Instagram

Well, hello. It’s been awhile! I am back from THE best holiday I’ve had in a very long time. I have lots of photos of my adventures to share, but until i sort through them all, here’s a peek of what’s been happening over the past couple of months on my instagram.

Follow my adventures at sundaybestblog

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Inspired by: Erik Marinovich

Do Not Open by Erik Marinovich

Lately I’ve been thinking about starting my own hand lettering project, so it was lovely to see someone I admire inspired to starting his own this year.

Do Not Open is a personal project by letterer and designer Erik Marinovich. Over the years Erik responded to gifts he received in the mail by returning a hand lettered reply in the shape of an oversized hand addressed envelope. Some of his friends appreciated them so much, they hung the tattered envelopes on their walls, inspiring Erik to start this project.

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