Pinned: Sketch

I’ve always loved detailed pencil sketches, unfinished¬†creative thinking of sketch books or even the simplicity of line drawings and doodles. So I’ve ¬†started a new board on my Pinterest dedicated to collecting all things black and white and¬†sketchy.

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Pinned: Finishing

Mulberry invite

¬†Whether it’s foiling, saddle stitching, laser cut or glow-in-the-dark ink, I’m always drawn to that special attention of print finishes.

Find more on my finishing board.

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Pinned: Ceramics

Abby Seymour

Lately I have fallen head over heels in love with ceramics, particularly porcelain. As I have almost completed¬†Abby Seymour‘s hand painting and forming porcelain workshop¬†I am interested in exploring this art form further. I’m inspired by the brights, pure whites and delicate details in the following pieces that¬†I’ve pinned onto my ceramics board recently.

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