Hello winter, we meet again.

Photo by Rafael Craice - FlickrOh boy, here we go again. I’m bracing myself for another winter here in Melbourne. The forecast for this week is a maximum of 13 degrees with rain and hail. Sigh.

Dear Melbourne, please be kind to this sunshine loving beach person.

Beautiful black and white photo by Rafael Craice via Flickr

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Annual tradition

It has become an annual tradition to receive flowers from my lovely mum on my Birthday. Last week I watched as the poppies gradually popped open, revealing their papery petals. I just couldn’t resist photographing them in the afternoon sunshine.

Thanks again mum, I loved having a little pop of colour in our house! xo

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The other Kate Berry

The other Kate Berry is a lovely daily photography project by two ladies living on opposite sides of the world. Being totally different people and living different lives, they do however share the same name but also share the same obsession with photographing light. It’s so interesting seeing the juxtaposition of their daily lives.

Kate Berry from London, England on the left and Kate Berry from Melbourne, Australia on the right.

www.theotherkateberry.com/ www.theotherkateberry.com/


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