Inspired by: Zim & Zou

The Fox’s Den is an incredibly detailed¬†window display by French studio¬†Zim and Zou.¬†Created for¬†Herm√®s in¬†Barcelona, each piece of the display is constructed by hand out of paper and leather.

Check out¬†Zim and Zou‘s amazing¬†portfolio which is jam packed with vibrant¬†paper sculptures, installations and illustration¬†here!

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Paper to Plants

Made entirely out of paper, this stop-motion was created as a trailer for the educational app Plants. 400 tiny leaves, 500 blades of grass, and 25 squirrels were hand cut to create a enchanting short film about the life cycle of plants.

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Inspired by: Darren Booth

Darren Booth is a freelance Canadian illustrator and letterer. He perfectly describes his vibrant work as “painterly fragmented with collage”. His unique artwork is collage using paper, pencil, paint, scissors and glue. In an interview with The Artfuls, Darren explains his process:

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