Inspired by: Atipus

Coca I Fito wine label illustration by Atipus

I hate to say but I kinda judge a book by it’s cover when it comes to wine labels. I really can’t pass by a beautifully designed label that catches my eye.

Atipus a Barcelona-based studio have used stand out metallics, soft floral illustrations and detailed label edges for their labels, as well as beautifully matched packaging. Their belief in conceptual, creative and simple design certainly shines through in their work.

See more of their packaging and other work here

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Inspired by: ATWTP

ATWTP, also know as All the way to Paris, is a ‘danish-swedish’ graphic design studio based in Copenhagen. Each of their many projects is recognisable as an ATWTP design, yet retains unique elements that sets each project apart. I’m especially a big fan of the work they created for Muuto and Circus Hein. See more of their work here and here.

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To Have and To Hold

A wonderful collection of vintage paper bags that I could sit for hours looking at. To Have and To Hold, collated by graphic designer Tim Sumner

“Ranging from the early 70’s to the late 80’s the collection’s breadth and depth, from the local corner shop to the high street department store, is a reflection of a more innocent design era. An era of the logo type rather than the brand, the filo fax as opposed to the mobile, the fax machine instead of the internet and a time when the word virtual had not yet become a reality.” via To Have and To Hold

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