Emily Isabella

I adore these whimsical, colourful illustrations from New York based designer and illustrator Emily Isabella. How awesome is that wallpaper!

Take a look at more of Emily’s gorgeous work over at her website, Tumblr and Instagram.

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Pinned: Colourful Packaging

Ah packaging…it sucks me in every time when I’m out and about (or on Pinterest). What always seems to catch my eye is solid blocks of bright colour contrasted with foiling, good use of typography, fun illustration, pastel contrasts and surprise pops of colour inside boxes.

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Inspired by: Geoff McFetridge

I’m starting the first ‘inspired by’ for 2015 with the brilliant illustrative work of LA based graphic designer Geoff McFetridge.

I’ve been meaning to blog about his awesome work for awhile, ever since I found a copy of Zoetrope: All-Story guest designer edition in our bookcase. I’m really drawn to his bold style; black and white thick and thins as well as his use of colourful abstract shapes.

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Annual tradition

It has become an annual tradition to receive flowers from my lovely mum on my Birthday. Last week I watched as the poppies gradually popped open, revealing their papery petals. I just couldn’t resist photographing them in the afternoon sunshine.

Thanks again mum, I loved having a little pop of colour in our house! xo

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