Quick Golden Roast Potatoes

I can’t remember where I first discovered how to do this (I’m sure it was either Donna Hay or Jamie Oliver) but below is my secret weapon for guaranteeing my oven baked potatoes are amazingly golden, fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside¬†every time.

Here’s the trick:
1. Set the oven on high (around 225C)
2. Leave the skin on and cut potatoes in half. Make small slices along the top of each potato. This helps the potatoes cook quicker.
3. Place in microwave steamer container with a about¬†¬ľ cup of water. Heat until potatoes are soft.
4. Prepare low baking tray with drizzle of canola oil.
5. Fresh out of the microwave, toss potatoes in oil in the baking tray so both sides are coated. Sprinkle with salt + pepper
6. Place potatoes in oven flat side down for 15 mins. Once golden on flat side, turn to cook top side for another 15 mins.

And voila! Awesomeness.

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