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In celebration of a (very) warm summery week in Melbourne, I share with you some beautiful swimming patterns and illustrations. Find more on my illustration and sea love board.

Illustrations from top: Divers Pattern by Rhona Garvin, Staycation by Charlotte Trounce, Alone (swimming pool) by Belhoula Amir, Synchronized Swimmers by Jeannie Phan , Divers by Jing Wei, Swimming Pool by Naomi Wilkinson, Swimmers by Lou Taylor, Nadia Taylor,  Untitled by Nadia Taylor

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Divers pattern by Rhona GarvinStaycation by Charlotte TrounceAlone (swimming pool) by Belhoula AmirSynchronized Swimmers by Jeannie PhanDivers by Jing WeiSwimming Pool by Naomi WilkinsonSwimmers by Lou Taylor

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