Day trip to Sydney

At the end of June I spent a lovely warm sunny day in Sydney thanks to Toshiba to see Japanese artist Tomokazu Matsuyama for Made in 17 hours at Museum of Contemporary Art. From Japan to Sydney Tomokazu succesfully created 5 vibrant pieces of art all from an unplugged Toshiba notebook. It was impressive to see what Tomokazu produced in that time. See below a little video of Tomokazu journey from Tokyo to Sydney.

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Lately on Instagram

June: Winter well and truly arrived in the first week with a chilly week of 13 degrees. So we did what was natural and found an open fire at Reunion & Co¬†in Richmond and planned holiday to get out of here¬†¬†¬†| ¬† We warmed our feet in the sun and warmed our bellies with Apple crumble¬†¬†| ¬† A sunny day spent checking out The Refugee¬† | ¬†¬†Watching the people traffic (and the footy) at Etihad Stadium¬† | ¬† Loving the luminous night sky on the way home from work ¬† | ¬† Breaking in my first ever pair of cons ¬† | ¬†And a quick trip to warm sunny Sydney to see¬†Japanese artist Tomokazu Matsuyama at MCA create an entire exhibition from a laptop for Toshiba’s Made in 17 hours.

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The Refugee by Fintan Magee

Last Sunday we wandered the streets of Collingwood and discovered Fintan Magee’s new mural ‘The Refugee’. This absolutely huge mural is situated on the side of the very cool five level End to End building on Easey Street, Collingwood, Melbourne.

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