Mixed views on Blue

Arian Doyle - Photo by Adrian Lagniton

Last weekend, one of Melbourne’s iconic graffiti laneways was completely painted over (bins
and pathway included) in 150 litres of blue. Rutledge Lane, which connects to the more famous
Hosier Lane opposite Federation Square, is home to some of the worlds best graffiti art,
including stencils, paste-ups and murals.

With consent from Melbourne City Council, graffiti artist Adrian Doyle completely painted over
existing artworks to start a fresh blank (well actually, blue) canvas. In an interview with the
Herald Sun, Doyle said “By doing this, I am claiming that a colour in its pure form can be street
art or graffiti. This is a great conceptual link from fine art to street art, a link that is often
lacking in the Melbourne street art scene. By bridging this gap, I hope to expose more people
not only to street art, but also to the importance of art in general”

I’m in two minds about what Doyle has done. It will be exciting to see what new street art comes
from this and Doyle has certainly brought more attention to Melbourne’s amazing street art scene.
But in saying that can I see why some artists are a little angry with the blue rinse, and at the
moment the laneway is now just full of tagging. In the coming months I hope the artists embrace
the change and create some new amazing works.

What do you think? Is this street art or just a waste of time and paint?

Below are some of my photos from my time spent in Rutledge lane before and after the blue and
a video created by my Mark from laneways all around Melbourne’s CBD including Rutledge.

Photo credits – Time lapse (below) from the Herald Sun and image of Adrian Doyle (top)
by Adrian Lagniton

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