Intermission Project

Well hello and Happy 2018!

Last weekend I visited the much talked about (and InstagrammedIntermission Project at the Collingwood Arts Precinct. The project showcases over 35 artists who had the freedom to decorate walls, floors and stairwells of the 3 floor vacant Collingwood Technical School.

Read more about the Intermission Project via The Design Files.

Currently open at 35 Johnson Street Collingwood and runs until this Sunday, January 21st. Floor artwork by Abyss607

Room by Intermission Project curator Goodie

Stairwell mural by Tom Gerrard
Artwork by Goon Hugs

Mural by Kenz

Mural by Mike Makatron

Mural by DNART and Lucy Lucy.

Mural by Kitt Bennett

Stairwell and mural by Justine Mcallister.

Mural by Deams

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