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Darren Booth is a freelance Canadian illustrator and letterer. He perfectly describes his vibrant work as “painterly fragmented with collage”. His unique artwork is collage using paper, pencil, paint, scissors and glue. In an interview with The Artfuls, Darren explains his process:

“I always start with pencil to paper by writing down keywords or drawing thumbnails while creating mind maps. From there I’ll pick out a few directions that I think can work and then refine them and decide what is working and what isn’t. Sometimes it’s easy to see if there a clear winner. Sometimes the client decides what piece should be finalized.

After sketches I simply just transfer the drawing to a canvas or printmaking paper and start painting with acrylics. My finished pieces take anywhere from 6 hours to 30 hours to complete, depending on complexity. Frustration plays into amount of time, as well. Paintings always seem to fight back at some point, especially when working with collage. If I lay a piece of collage, it sometimes affects a different area and then that area needs to be changed. This process goes on the entire time and then all of a sudden it clicks. As frustrating and time consuming as it can be, I trust the process.”

Find photos of his process on his blog here and the full Artfuls interview here and more of Darren’s Booth work on his website here.

Darren-Booth-12Darren-Booth-13Darren-Booth-0Darren-Booth-15Darren-Booth-11Darren-Booth-17 Darren-Booth-16 Darren-Booth-7

All images from Darren Booth’s website and blog

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