Hearst Castle

Next stop on our US holiday was Hearst Castle, in San Simeon. We arrived for the last tour of the day, catching the late California sunshine on this immense 1950’s creation. The castle certainly impresses, with its expansive 165 rooms, two olympic sized swimming pools and 127 acres of gardens with breathtaking views of the Californian coast.

The regulation ‘walk-in-a-neat-line’ interiors tour is mandatory, but most people just go to stroll the exterior grounds afterwards (which is really the best part).

A really great end to our first day on the road to Big Sur.

Photography by Monique and Mark Welker

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Four sunny days in L.A

Since we’ve got back from our US holiday, I’ve been procrastinating on how to begin this blog post, let alone go through the hundreds of photos impatiently waiting on my hard drive. But after a few months of getting back into reality, I’m finally ready to share.

First up – Los Angeles. After an epic 16 hour flight from Australia with our friends Jess and Ryan, we arrived at our two storey Silver Lake Airbnb greeted by our friendly hosts. The sunny back lawn (perfect for an afternoon gin and tonic), Spanish villa architecture and badminton court were some of our favourite features. Not to mention the awesome pop up coffee shop, Go Get Em Tiger just a short stroll down the road.

Here are some of our top picks of places we visited in LA:

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Day trip to Sydney

At the end of June I spent a lovely warm sunny day in Sydney thanks to Toshiba to see Japanese artist Tomokazu Matsuyama for Made in 17 hours at Museum of Contemporary Art. From Japan to Sydney Tomokazu succesfully created 5 vibrant pieces of art all from an unplugged Toshiba notebook. It was impressive to see what Tomokazu produced in that time. See below a little video of Tomokazu journey from Tokyo to Sydney.

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