Lindt Mint Ice Cream Cones


For a simple after dinner treat – especially in summer – I like to make my own cornetto/drumstick style ice cream. I melt a few squares of Lindt’s ‘Mint Intense’ dark chocolate and spread it inside a waffle cone, then set the chocolate lined cone in the freezer for a few minutes. Another option is to use plain dark chocolate and crush up some sweetened nuts to sprinkle inside the cone. Ah summer!

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Pistachio, Cranberry and Fig Granola

For a long time we’ve been making our own Granola (i.e. muesli) for breakfast. Overtime we’ve changed or added ingredients as we saw fit and I think we have the recipe pretty perfect now. It’s simple to make and you’ll love the fresh crunch of the first bowl and the awesome smell in your kitchen as it bakes.

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Strawberry & Vanilla Jam

Last sunday afternoon was spent making our first homemade strawberry and vanilla jam. There’s many things I love about the weekend, but one of the things I love most is spending time cooking with Mark. There’s nothing better than slowing down, filling the house with gorgeous smells and taking time to cook or bake just for weekend eating.

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