Happy Easter!

Today is all about munching on freshly baked hot cross buns, a little bit of yoga and some snooze time on the couch. Hope you are having a lovely relaxing Easter break!

Find my hot cross bun recipe from last year here.

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Weekday Recipe: Oatmeal Pancakes

I can honestly say that at first, the idea of cottage cheese and oatmeal pancakes did not instantly ignite my taste buds. However, their redeeming qualities of being flour free, super healthy and full of protein convinced me to give this recipe a go.

I was pleasantly surprised. Once ground up, oatmeal has a similar texture to flour, and the cottage cheese provides the pancakes a yummy tang.

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Top 10 Recipe Blogs

Rhubarb Apple Rasberry Pie - Donna Hay

I have a shelf filled with beautiful cookbooks that I still love flicking through now and then. But I must admit, most recipes I love these days come from beautiful foodie blogs.

In no particular order here are my top 10 go to blogs. Just click on the images below for links to some of my favourite recipes and some new ones I’m yet to try – eg: Donna Hay’s rhubarb, apple and raspberry pie! oh my!

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