10 years!

It’s been a while. How have you all been coping this crazy year?

I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to start this blog again or shut it down completely. It’s been such a long time between posts and, is blogging even a thing any more?

After much reflection and indecision, I decided to keep the blog going for a few reasons; 1) I do like to look back on places we’ve been and experiences we’ve had and 2) As a creative, I thrive on being inspired by other creatives in Melbourne and around the world. So, here we are. Back at it again…

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Accidentally Wes Anderson

Oh my gosh, if you are a fan of beautiful photography, colour and Wes Anderson, you’re going to want to follow this Instagram feed.

It features the best in daily Wes Anderson content from the Subreddit, (where it all originally started) and provides fascinating info about each location photographed by various photographers.

I found it super hard to choose only a few photos for this post so check out more here at @accidentallywesanderson

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Gosh, I really miss this blog! Time to get back to it, and what good timing.

This week we celebrated seven years living in the world’s most liveable city! Looking back through old photos always puts a smile on my face, but especially so for our time in Melbourne.

Our biggest highlight this year was cementing ourselves firmly in Melbourne by purchasing our first home and adding our little buddy Milton. Melbourne, we truly love you. A lot.

Here are some snippets of some our fun times from the past few years.

P.s In looking back, I discovered that I stopped posting about our Melbourne anniversary at four! (clearly having too much fun). So a few of these photos are from the last few years.

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Lately on instagram

December – January: Wow flowers at Prahran Markets  |  Sunny bike rides to and from work and yoga  |  Finally filled my belly at Tonka in the city, Hawker Hall – Windsor and Transformer – Fitzroy  |  Wedding anniversary dinner at Movida  |  Home for Christmas  |  Starwars and dinner at Transformer  |  Fun friday night at Warhol and Weiwei  |  Hung out in The Boroughs  |  A year of look down photos for 2015 

Follow my adventures: sundaybestblog

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Lately on Instagram

Lately on instagram - The Sunday Best blog

October – November: Had my first Messina ice cream in Windsor  |  Trekked over to the north side for some fun at Home-Work market  |  Finally tried the super sweet All Day Donuts  |  Checked out the ‘I’d letterpress the shit out of that’ exhibition at the Work-Shop  |  Drooled over the amazing Bistro Morgan’s donuts – handmade by a 14 year old! | Discovered a new walking trail  |  Visited the stunning Melbourne School of Design building – especially loved the red room  |  Picked cherries in Bacchus Marsh  |   Blown away (literally, it was really windy!) by this years bigger and better Night Noodle Markets.

Follow my adventures at sundaybestblog

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