Sunday Crafternoon


Sunday was spent with a couple of lovely gals, mostly of the Irish kind plus one of the Canadian and one of the Aussie kind (aka me) crafting away at our own little projects. I continued with my knitting and others with their wedding invites, quilts, fimo necklaces and illustration projects. I’m now into my second week as a knitter and I can say I am still thoroughly enjoying the relaxing nature of it. I have started a teeny tiny new born beanie for my soon-to-be-nephew, then I’ll make another for a best friends bub. Exciting times ahead :)

SB_Hearts2 SB_Fimo2 SB_Quilt2 SB_Fimo SB_Quilt1 SB_Flowers

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After discovering a new knitting shop, Morris and Sons in my lunch hour last week and spending quite a long time strolling through the shop fascinated by all the colourful balls of wool, I thought it might be time to finally learn how to knit.

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