2014 Calendars

2014 calendar by Snug Studio

I know, i know nearly everyone says this at this time of the year, but I really can’t believe how fast this year has gone! I endeavor to be more organised in the new year, so here’s a collection of beautiful calendars i found to get in the spirit of a new (more organised) 2014.

Snug Calendar by Snug Studio – soft pink and white, size 420 x 594mm

Moglea, Etsy
Moglea’s Colour Composition Wall Calendar – size 279mm x 355mm

Retki wall calendarRetki Wall Calendarillustrated by Hanna Konola – size 170 x 300mm

Prisms Calendar by Julia Kostreva
Prisms Calendarillustrated by Julia Kostreva – letterpress, gold foil – size 279 x 457mm

Wish you were here, 2014 charity calendar. Artworks include Cape Town by Studio Muti, Sydney by James Gulliver Hancock, Barcelona by Lydia Nichols, Delhi by Owen Gatley, Amsterdam by Lotta Nieminen, Montevideo by Martin Azambuja, Brighton by Ryan Gillett, Mykonos by Matt Chase, Copenhagen by Michelle Carlslund, Helsinki by Blanca Gómez, New York by Nicholas Girling and Tokyo by Masako Kubo.
Wish you were here, charity calendarillustrated by various artists size 190 x 300mm

Year in stitches by Heather Lins
Year in Stitches Calendar Kit by Heather Lins – size 127 x 177mm

Robins, by ThePaperbirdSociety - etsy

Robins by The Paper Bird Society – size 297 x 420mm

Travel America Calendar by Rifle Paper Co

Travel America Calendar illustrated by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co – size 279 x 355mm

Harvest Wall Calendar by Leah Duncan
Harvest Wall Calendar – illustrated by Leah Duncan – size 279 x 355mm

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