10 years!

It’s been a while. How have you all been coping this crazy year?

I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to start this blog again or shut it down completely. It’s been such a long time between posts and, is blogging even a thing any more?

After much reflection and indecision, I decided to keep the blog going for a few reasons; 1) I do like to look back on places we’ve been and experiences we’ve had and 2) As a creative, I thrive on being inspired by other creatives in Melbourne and around the world. So, here we are. Back at it again…

Currently, we are nearing the end (fingers crossed) of a 6-week lockdown in Melbourne, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are wearing masks when we leave home and have a night-time curfew. It’s a strange and uncertain time, but I know, and hope, we can look back on this time and think wow, wasn’t that a crazy chapter of our lives, but we got through it.

Speaking of chapters, this month Mark and I celebrated 10 years of living in this fine city of Melbourne. It feels like a strange time to celebrate, and it is, especially in a city where most of what we enjoy about it is difficult to currently enjoy.

2017 – Mark and I laying on a hand-tufted rug by Alexandra Kehayoglou at NGV Triennial.

But it’s easy to focus on the negatives, so instead I wanted to celebrate by reflecting on all the good times Mark and I have had here. We’ve also learnt A LOT along the way, somehow survived many bitterly cold winters, seen so much great art, both indoors and out and my oh my, we’ve never eaten so well in our lives!

So this is an ode to 10 years in Melbourne, featuring ALL the Melbourne things we hold dear to our hearts.

Stay safe and stay well x

2018 – Geronimo balloon installation, Collingwood
2019 – 10,000 porcelain starlings at Cai Guo-Qing + Terracotta Warriors exhibition, NGV.
Finders Keepers at The Royal Exhibition Building.

2020 – NGV ‘Friday Nights’, Keith Haring + Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition.
2020 – VAMFF ‘It’s My Party’ fashion show

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  1. Oh darling I’m so pleased to see this! I absolutely adore your perspective of Melbourne – a riot of colour tinged with positivity – I feel it is the best possible lens through which to see our wonderful city. It an absolute treat for me to now see it from afar!

    Can’t believe it is 10 years! Melbourne is all the better for having you two in it xx

  2. Happy 10 years of Sunday Best! There are so many wonderful times you’ve experienced and what a great collection of awesome photos of all your favourite things, all creatively captured with great skill. I love them all, however the VAMFF 2020 It’s My Party event is up there as one of the best. For me, there’s too many great shots to choose from….any of handsome grand puppy Milton rate highly and the 2018 Geronimo Black Balloon display echoes the dark days of Melbourne’s current lockdown and eerily thought provoking.
    Wishing you the best moments in the times ahead. Let the dark days be gone! Sending you hugs and kisses, Mum xoxo

  3. Loove this! So many great Melbourne moments and memories captured with your great eye and skills. Melbourne is made richer and more wonderful with you two in it. Very glad to see The Sunday Best back again, long may it continue! xx

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