10 years!

It’s been a while. How have you all been coping this crazy year?

I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to start this blog again or shut it down completely. It’s been such a long time between posts and, is blogging even a thing any more?

After much reflection and indecision, I decided to keep the blog going for a few reasons; 1) I do like to look back on places we’ve been and experiences we’ve had and 2) As a creative, I thrive on being inspired by other creatives in Melbourne and around the world. So, here we are. Back at it again…

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One month in Italy (Part 4) – Ischia

I didn’t like Naples, but I loved Ischia.

Ischia is probably the least most talked about island unofficially part of the Amalfi coast experience. Italians know it well, flocking to it every summer as their vacation of choice. Plenty of Europeans know it, also arriving en mass in thongs when the centigrade passes 30. But out of Europe, Ischia is rarely mentioned. Capri, Sicily, Elba, Sardinia…but no one ever talked to me about Ischia. I even managed to miss pronounce it right up until we basically arrived as no one knew to correct me.

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One month in Italy (PART 3) – Florence

When planning the previous leg of our Italian adventure we knew we were going to have a blind spot of about 3-4 days somewhere between Le Marche and the Amalfi coast. Thinking of the drive back to Amalfi, we didn’t particularly want to head too far north, and hence Florence, which is approximately west of Le Marche seemed like a good middle of the road option, and, offered the promise of a more intimate Italian city experience than Rome.

We were travelling by car, and being typical tourist drivers were keen to avoid what we had described to us as the ‘traffic hell’ of downtown Florence, which meant some careful thought as to how to leave and stow our charming Fiat. We decided that staying outside of Florence was a good bet, and quickly stumbled upon the charming Validrose BnB about 20 minutes from the heart of Florence.

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One month in Italy (part 2) – Le Marche

So where exactly is Le Marche you ask?

Well, that’s the number one question friends have asked us when we describe our trip to Italy. The Marche region lies on the east coast of Italy, between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. So if you drive from Rome towards Umbria and hang a right just before Florence, you’ll pass through Le Marche on your way to the coast.

What you’ll find is a region comparably ‘untouched’, borrowing the best of Umbria’s rolling hills and juxtaposing it with a long coastline of white sandy beaches and fortified coastal cities. 

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One month in Italy (part 1) – Roma

*Sigh* even weeks later, I still feel a hint of that warm Italian summer air.

Mark had never been to Italy, but I had many years ago. I thought I knew what to expect, but honestly, even retreading old footsteps felt like a new experience with perfect weather and a husband to share it with.

First up was Rome.

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