Two years ago Mark and I flew into Melbourne on a freezing, dark, cold night. We had come from Perth where it was full swing into spring. Weary from weeks of packing and planning for our move we dragged our heavy luggage out of the airport only to be greeted by an icy wind. I remember thinking, ‘What are we doing?!’ Back then, I would have never thought 2 years on we would still be here. You see, we are beach people, sun seekers, haters of winter. So we knew it was a risk moving to the most unpredictable weather state in Australia, but Melbourne always enticed us. 2 years on, I can say I’m more fond of Melbourne now than we were before we moved. We are constantly inspired and in awe of this creative buzzing city. Sure, it’s still cold and summer couldn’t come quick enough, but Melbourne has warmed our hearts with new experiences, amazing food and of course exceptional coffee.

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