Cookbook: The Good Life

I must confess, I find myself buying cookbooks and only looking at the photos, forgetting about the book and then realising some years later that i’d never cooked one single recipe. Even as a kid, I’d rarely actually read the book, I just lose myself in the pretty pictures.

The Good Life by Adrian Richardson is certainly one of these books jam packed with pretty pictures. Hopefully this time I’ll cook or bake at least one of the recipes.

The book is divided up seasonally with a step-by-step Masterclass at the end of each season. You’ll learn how simple it is to make such things as sausages, fresh pasta, salami, focaccia or tomato passata.

The art direction, cover design and hand drawn titles all done by the clever Suzy Tuxen from
A Friend of Mine studio. I love Suzy’s attention to detail when it comes to matching the checkered tea towel on the front cover to the checked bookmark ribbon.

If you like easy homemade recipes (and pretty pictures) The Good Life is certainly one to consider adding to your cookbook collection.

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