Lindt Christmas Cake

I’ve never been a huge fan of christmas cake, I guess mixed fruit has never really rung my bells. That is, until one year my mum found a new twist on her annual Christmas cake: Lindt chocolate. That little bit of dark chocolate (and maybe that little bit of chocolate liqueur) seems to transform the texture and deliver a rich moist taste.

Despite Christmas being two months away, we have been advised by the master of this recipe that it’s best to make the cakes a few months in advance to develop a richer fruity taste.

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Inspired by: Simple Provisions

I’m such a believer in this line: “Food does not need to be fancy to be celebrated” and the Simple Provisions blog by Amelia Cook is a gorgeous demonstration of exactly that. As Amelia says, she started the blog to remind herself to prepare and eat food that made her happy.

In 2011 Amelia moved from Melbourne to New York City and was lucky enough to work for Martha Stewart. Amelia says on her blog that she found the craziness of New York City required a counter balance gained through exploring local markets, small producers and eating with the seasons.

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What weekends are for

I did something a little different this morning. I slept in, made a coffee and baked a cake. No breakfast yet, but brunch instead. I love the weekend and having no plans, makes me a very happy lady.

Here’s the recipe for this yummy Pistachio Pound Cake. Enjoy and happy weekend friends!

Recipe from Leites Culinaria


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