Inspired by: Darren Booth

Darren Booth is a freelance Canadian illustrator and letterer. He perfectly describes his vibrant work as “painterly fragmented with collage”. His unique artwork is collage using paper, pencil, paint, scissors and glue. In an interview with The Artfuls, Darren explains his process:

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Inspired by: Brendan Lloyd

Today’s inspiration comes from someone I know well. I met Brendan Lloyd on our first nervous day together at Shillington College Masterclass in 2011. With a great big smile, he introduced himself and I instantly felt at ease.

Brendan’s just an all round lovely guy who seems to make friends with everyone he meets. He’s also a talented musician and graphic designer and since finishing the Masterclass, Brendan has gone on to master the art of hand lettering of the chalky kind.

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All chalked up

Add a creative agency named Superbig with a athlete management company named Superheroes and you get ‘Superbar’ with a super awesome chalk wall. Yeah, I like this. A lot. (Especially when it’s animated)
via Superbig creative

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