Inspired by: Geoff McFetridge

I’m starting the first ‘inspired by’ for 2015 with the brilliant illustrative work of LA based graphic designer Geoff McFetridge.

I’ve been meaning to blog about his awesome work for awhile, ever since I found a copy of Zoetrope: All-Story guest designer edition in our bookcase. I’m really drawn to his bold style; black and white thick and thins as well as his use of colourful abstract shapes.

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Inspired by: Sara Zin

Starving Artist is a unique tumblr featuring delicious watercolour illustrations by Sara Zin. A feast not only for the eyes; behind each illustration you’ll find the recipe to feed your belly.

Visit the Starving Artist here and discover more of Sara’s other impressive work here.

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Pinned: Sketch

I’ve always loved detailed pencil sketches, unfinished creative thinking of sketch books or even the simplicity of line drawings and doodles. So I’ve  started a new board on my Pinterest dedicated to collecting all things black and white and sketchy.

See more sketches and follow my new board here

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Mon Imaginaire

‘Mon Imaginaire’ or ‘My Imagination‘ is a cute little 30 page book, screen printed in two colours and simply illustrated by Amy Joycey. The book aims to familiarise children with the process of being creative.

See more of her lovely work here.

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