Inspired by: Anna Kövecses

Festive Summer by Anna Kövecses

Anna Kövecses’ super cute Festive Summer prints were originally made for a Dutch children’s clothing brand for a new spring/summer collection. Anna’s concept was to celebrate summer in a happy and festive way, so she incorporated all things summery that gets kids excited. Surprisingly, as Anna mentions on her website, the designs weren’t selected by the company, so hopefully they will find a new home with someone who appreciates them. I would definitely buy all of these!

Find more of Anna’s work over at her behance portfolio here

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Featured on Typography Served

Lubalin Cookies

Typography Served is one of a network of category-specific Served sites that showcase the best projects on the Behance Network, offering work even more exposure. I was pleased to find out last week that my Lubalin cookie project I did for my Shillington Masterclass, was featured on such a site. I couldn’t be anymore chuffed and proud.

Only seems fitting that at the same time, a new book is to be released about the life of Herb Lubalin called – American Graphic Designer. More here on the wonderful The Fox is Black

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