Film: Tracks

‘Wow’ was all I could seem to utter after walking out from the Australian film, Tracks.

I was completely blown away by the awe inspiring story of Robyn Davidson, who in the 1970s, set out from Alice Springs on her feet towards the ocean, a trek of over  2,700 kilometers across the harsh Australian desert.

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Hobart, Tasmania

Fat bumble bees, an abundance of blueberries, plump cherries, turquoise beaches and Battery Point’s quaint streets – it’s safe to say I fell a little bit in love with Tasmania.

Here are just a few more belated snaps from our recent trip to Hobart, Tasmania.

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Day Trip: Yarra Valley, Victoria

Finally, it feels like summer has come to Melbourne this weekend and a delicious day trip to the Yarra Valley was on the top of our to-do list. Not only was the food delish, but the rolling green vineyards and blue sunny skies were something else. Here’s a short list of what we got up to:

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Happy Weekend!

Waking up early for yoga then taking a dip at Half Moon Bay. It’s been a good early start to a warm weekend. Hope you have a lovely weekend everyone!

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