Three years

Last night we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary. We had a lovely dinner at Movida in Hoiser Lane then captured the end of the night with a photo booth session.

Here’s to being dorks together for many more years xo

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Good Times
Over the weekend, Mark and I celebrated another year (and surviving another winter) living in Melbourne. Now, four years into our Melbourne adventure, I’ve been reflecting fondly over our first year here; remembering the excitement and fear the first time I caught a tram and hoping it was heading in the right direction; walking the city like a tourist taking photos of everything we could see and strolling the city laneways for hours in wonderment.

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Two years

Two years ago today I said I do to the most amazing husband in an intimate ceremony back home in Western Australia. We celebrated this evening with a slice of chocolate cake (similar to our wedding cake) and a pimms.

Here’s cheers to many more years together. Love you Mr xo

Photo by Anna Rose Photography at Yallingup

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On friday we celebrated three years of living in the fabulous city of Melbourne. We were both lucky enough to have the day off to adventure around our favourite suburbs and eat our way through the culinary delights that Melbourne constantly surprises us with. We discovered new places as well as visited some old favourites. Really it’s unbelievable that another year has wizzed by since this post. Below are some memories over the past three years.

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Two years ago Mark and I flew into Melbourne on a freezing, dark, cold night. We had come from Perth where it was full swing into spring. Weary from weeks of packing and planning for our move we dragged our heavy luggage out of the airport only to be greeted by an icy wind. I remember thinking, ‘What are we doing?!’ Back then, I would have never thought 2 years on we would still be here. You see, we are beach people, sun seekers,

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