Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)

Last weekend we took a trip over to Hobart, Tasmania. One of my big to-do’s was to see the much anticipated Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). From the start MONA blew me away, not only in the Museum’s exterior architecture, but also in its considered details including free-to-use GPS equipped ipods which provided easy access to information on each nearby piece of art.

Privately owned and funded by David Walsh, the museum goes three stories deep into its sandstone foundations, creating a spectacular grand entrance at the museum’s ground level. The cafe on the surface surprises with a relaxing outdoor grassed area dotted with comfy bean bags, and overlooking Hobart’s iconic mountainscape.

The museums expansive site also has a hotel, winery, brewery and cemetery – yes, you heard right – a cemetery. For $AUD 75,000 you can get an eternity membership which includes access to parties, catalogues, ‘VIP treatment’ and when you die, you’ll be cremated and put in a fancy jar in the museum. No joke, read more here.

Here’s a some snaps we took of our whole day adventure at MONA. It really is a crazy, inspiring and surprising must see. It’s worth just the trip alone.


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  1. Fantastic photos, very cleverly captured. In particular, I love the mosaic wall photo – awesome work. Another collection worthy of compiling in to a book.

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