Inspired by: James Gulliver Hancock

All the Buildings in New Yorkproject was originally started in 2010 by Australian illustrator James Gulliver Hancock, as a personal illustrative diary of the buildings he had seen and loved whilst living in Brooklyn, New York.

Now in 2013 and with more than 500 illustrated buildings, James has a book out soon “All the Buildings in New York: That I’ve Drawn So Far.”  The book features iconic buildings, such as the Empire State, Rockefeller Center, and Flatiron Building, as well as the everyday buildings that make up New York City.

Here are some words on the projects origins from James’ recent interview with The New York Times:
“Eventually it got people interested and they started asking for drawings of certain buildings. They had lovely reactions to my work: ‘I never knew my building had this or that detail.'” 

You can buy his book from Amazon or Rizzoli and see more of his work here.
All images sourced from James Gulliver Hancock’s website.

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