Donna Hay iPad App

I’m one of those people that collects magazines and books just for their pictures, often without really reading the contents. I love to indulge in layout, typography and gloriously rich photography. This is especially so when it comes to cook books. Amongst many favourite cookbooks spread around the house (in piles), Donna Hay has been a long time favourite. Donna’s easy recipes and scrumptious pictures always inspire me to cook.

I’ve been slow to find out that Donna Hay released an impressive new iPad app late in 2011. The app entices you in with its animated cover, which in the last two editions has featured puddings dripping with caramel and a chocolate and espresso brulée tart slowly crumbling and cracking in half.

There are so many wonderful features like the step-by-step cook mode for each recipe or the ability to bookmark any recipe in the edition to return to later. Donna has also thrown in a few instructional videos just to make her recipes even more enjoyable to follow. I strongly recommended even just downloading the free edition to trial it out yourself. Husband has already given it his lick of approval!

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