The Shadow Electric: Abbotsford Convent

We have been living in Melbourne for almost 3 years, and really feel at home here now. I have moments were I tend to forget or more like, take for granted how special this city is. Its nights like Friday that come along to remind me why we moved here.

Earlier in the week I had read about The Shadow Electric – an open-air cinema located in the historic grounds at the Abbotsford Convent. As I’ve discovered before in Melbourne, tickets sell out fast, so I quickly grabbed tickets online.

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Two years ago Mark and I flew into Melbourne on a freezing, dark, cold night. We had come from Perth where it was full swing into spring. Weary from weeks of packing and planning for our move we dragged our heavy luggage out of the airport only to be greeted by an icy wind. I remember thinking, ‘What are we doing?!’ Back then, I would have never thought 2 years on we would still be here. You see, we are beach people, sun seekers,

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Best of Sunday

Today was our last visit with Rohan from a whole larder love. I will share our part of this project with you soon. However for now here’s some pictures of what Rohan has been building all this time, (more) of his gorgeous pup Henry, the super yummy lunch we were spoilt with and his cosy abode.

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