Three years

Last night we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary. We had a lovely dinner at Movida in Hoiser Lane then captured the end of the night with a photo booth session.

Here’s to being dorks together for many more years xo

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Good Times
Over the weekend, Mark and I celebrated another year (and surviving another winter) living in Melbourne. Now, four years into our Melbourne adventure, I’ve been reflecting fondly over our first year here; remembering the excitement and fear the first time I caught a tram and hoping it was heading in the right direction; walking the city like a tourist taking photos of everything we could see and strolling the city laneways for hours in wonderment.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to the mum who taught me everything. You’ve always had time for me, baked the best cakes and sent me flowers ‘just because’ – Love you! xo

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As the leaves outside my window change colour so quickly before my eyes, so does the time it seems. I’ve been back working full time for a few weeks now, hence it’s been a little quiet around here on the blog. With two years approaching here on the Sunday Best, I hope to introduce some new (regular) posts soon.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and a especially lovely relaxing Sunday.

(photo taken last long weekend of mark’s sketching in the afternoon sun.)

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