A taste of Bali

I have some very fond memories of living in Indonesia as a child. The balmy evenings, lush green surroundings, the spicy smells, roosters that wake you in the morning, and not to mention the friendly, gorgeous smiling Indonesians. I was instantly bought back to these memories as my husband Mark and I stepped off the plane in Bali last week.Sadly, those memories are now joined with a mix of hectic ambulance rides, dull hospital corridors, and my husband at his lowest point as we spent 6 days in a Balinese hospital as he recovered from food poisoning.

Home now but mentally and physically exhausted, we reflect back on what was supposed to be a chance to get away from our busy lives and switch off. In reflection we did have 2 glorious days at our amazing hotel, Alila Manggis, mostly spent by the pool, snoozing to the sound of waves. And our bodies are still soft from the regular massages.

Here are some of the few photos took early in our trip at the vibrant Klungkung Markets. You can also find more photos here.

We hope to go back to the beautiful Bali again one day, and see finish what we started. But perhaps, not for a little while yet…

KlungkungMarket_2816KlungkungMarket_2806KlungkungMarket_2759KlungkungMarket_2747 KlungkungMarket_2758 KlungkungMarket_2766 KlungkungMarket_2819 KlungkungMarket_2751 KlungkungMarket_2773KlungkungMarket_2815


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  1. oh no! so sorry to hear that!!
    these photos are stunning though. it does look like a truly beautiful place.
    hope your husband is better now and that being back in the comfort of your home will give you energy again.

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